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"Wise, knowledgable elders, those who are willing to share their wisdom with interested 

young people, provide an important key to the survival of older cultures. When Native wisdom elders become actively involved in the cultural education of youth and young adults, and give them the opportunity to learn about their heritage and develop their own cultural identities, young people become less infatuated with mainstream, commercialized ways of living. By understanding the importance of their culture and being respectful - of themselves, of others, of their culture and of the Earth - they become more confident and aware of who they are, where they've come from, what they do, and what kind of lives they want to create for themselves in the future."  

- Ronald Griffman (Karuk/Shasta/Rogue River/Modoc/Pit River/Yurok)

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Frank Thom upholding "The Next Generation"

In this video, Ron Griffman talks about his memories of childhood, his healing journey, and the importance of a loving family

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